• The Netherlands is pioneer in agriculture
  • The Netherlands is leader in food science
  • The Netherlands is strong in food export

Agriculture and Food Department

The Agricultural & Food Department provides information on the agricultural sector and on agricultural policies of the Netherlands. It also collects information about the agricultural sector of Taiwan, and provides information about Dutch exporters for agricultural and food products. Other activities include assisting the Dutch agricultural sector with establishing new contacts in Taiwan, and studying the requirements for importation of Dutch agricultural products in Taiwan to help Dutch exporters comply with the rules and regulations.


General information

How can we help you?

The Agriculture & Food Department: 

  • Provides information on the agricultural sector and on agricultural policies of the Netherlands.
  • Collects information about the Agricultural sector of Taiwan.
  • Provides information about Dutch exporters for agricultural and food products.
  • Assists the Dutch agricultural sector to establish new contacts in Taiwan.
  • Studies the requirements for importation of Dutch agricultural products in Taiwan, and makes them applicable.

Should you be interested in importing agricultural and food products from the Netherlands, please contact us:
Tel. +886-2-8758 7200 ext. 228
e-mail: nltaiagr@ntio.org.tw

Agricultural policies of the Netherlands

The agricultural policies of the Netherlands are currently focusing on the following key sectors and topics:

Sustainable enterprise

  • Sustainable production
  • Sustainable fisheries
  • Improving the sector's economic strength
  • Common Agricultural policy
  • Encouragement of the agricultural sector

Knowledge and Innovation

  • Green education
  • Green community
  • Sustainable food

Nature, Landscape and the Rural Area

  • Biodiversity
  • Natura 2000
  • A living countryside
  • Deforestation

Food, Animal Health and Consumer policy

  • Sustainable food
  • Sustainable fish
  • Organic products
  • No food wastage
  • Animal welfare

Import regulations for Taiwan

general information

In Taiwan, the Council of Agriculture (COA) of the Executive Yuan is the main competent authority for the domestic agricultural, forestry, fishery, animal husbandry and food affairs. Established by the COA, the independent inspection and quarantine authority, the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine (BAPHIQ), is responsible for all phytosanitary and veterinary affairs, including the implementation and supervision of import and export inspection and quarantine operations.

ATTENTION: It is possible that some importation requirements may not be published on these websites, or that some regulations may be available online in the Chinese language only. Exporters in the Netherlands are recommended to always check sufficiently with their importers in Taiwan in order to be equipped with all necessary importation documents prior to shipment of the consignments.

useful resources

Council of Agriculture:

Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine:

Food and Drug Administration

Agriculture and Food Agency

Trade Fairs in Taiwan

Websites with information on trade fairs and exhibitions in the Taiwan:

Did you know?

The Netherlands is the world's second largest exporter of agricultural products, after the USA. Together with the USA and France, the Netherlands is one of the world's three leading producers of vegetables and fruit.

Agriculture in the Netherlands

Agriculture & food is one of the strongest drivers of the Dutch economy, with an added value of € 50 billion. Currently, Dutch agriculture account for 10% of the Dutch economy and employment. The country annually exports more than € 75 billion of agricultural products.

This internationally leading, innovative sector consists of many food chains. These chains comprise the complete production system, from ”farm to fork”. As each link in the chain is inspected and provides guarantees for the following link, there are unique, integrated and completely guaranteed quality assurance systems

The Netherlands has an internationally leading knowledge infrastructure in agriculture & food and is therefore very attractive to internationally operating companies. The sector wants to reinforce its international position by continuing to invest in knowledge and innovation. The focus is on sustainably produced food, which requires fewer raw materials and energy. We are very open to international business cooperation and in this context glad to share its knowledge and expertise with the world.

Useful links and resources

education & training

Wageningen University (WUR)
email: study@wur.nl
website: http://www.wu.nl/msc

Centre for Development Innovation (CDI)
email: info.cdi@wur.nl
website: http://www.iac.wur.nl/UK/

Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied Sciences
email: info@vanhall-larenstein.com 
website: http://www.vanhall-larenstein.com/

HAS Den Bosch University of Professional Education
(Green business school)
email: hasdb@hasdb.nl 
website: http://www.hasdenbosch.nl

International Institute for Infrastructure, Hydraulic, and Environmental Engineering(IHE)
email: info@unesco-ihe.org
website: http://www.ihe.nl

International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation(ITC)
email: education@itc.nl
website: http://www.itc.nl

Utrecht University, Veterinary Medicine Faculty(UU)
Faculteit der Diergeneeskunde Universiteit Utrecht
email: secretariaat.communicatie@vet.uu.nl

(Practical Training Institute for businesses plant, animal and technique)
email: internationaloffice@ptcplus.com 
website: http://www.ptcplus.nl


Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR)
email: info@wur.nl 
website: http://www.wur.nl

Food and Food Production (AFSG)
email: info.afsg@wur.nl 
website: http://www.afsg.wur.nl

Animal Sciences Group (ASG)
email: info.asg@wur.nl 
website: http://www.asg.wur.nl

Plant Research International (PRI)
email: info.plant@wur.nl 
website: http://www.pri.wur.nl

Applied Plant Research (PPO)
email: info.ppo@wur.nl
website: http://www.ppo.wur.nl

Environment and Climate Group (ALTERRA)
email: info.alterra@wur.nl 
website: http://www.alterra.wur.nl

Economics and Society Group (LEI)
email: informatie.lei@wur.nl 
website: http://www.lei.wur.nl

Council for Agricultural Education Centres(AOC Raad)
email: info@aocraad.nl 
website: http://www.aocraad.nl

NIZO Food Research
Nederlands Instituut voor Zuivelonderzoek
email: info@nizo.nl
website: http://www.nizo.com

Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research(TNO)
Nederlandse Organisatie voor toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk onderzoek
email: info-food@tno.nl
website: http://www.tno.nl

general/organic farming/food safety

Dutch Organization for Agriculture and Horticulture (LTO)
Nederland Land- en Tuinbouworganisatie
website: http://www.lto.nl

European Union - Food Safety Activities
website: http://europa.eu/pol/food/index_en.htm

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
email: info@efsa.europa.eu
website: http://www.efsa.europa.eu/en.html

Platform Biologica 
email: info@biologica.nl
website: http://www.biologica.nl

Product Board for Margarine, Fats and Oils(MVO)
Productschap Margarine, Vetten en Olien
email: info@mvo.nl
website: http://www.mvo.nl/

SKAL Certification Organic Production 
email: info@skal.nl 
website: http://www.skal.nl

drinks, wine & spirits

Commodity Board for Beer (CBK)
Central Brouwerij Kantoor
email: info@cbk.nl
website: http://www.cbk.nl

Dutch Soft Drinks Association(NFI)
Vereniging Nederlandse Frisdranken Industrie
email: info@frisdrank.nl
website: http://www.frisdrank.nl

floriculture & horticulture

Flower Auction Flora Holland
Bloemenveiling Flora Holland
email: info@floraholland.nl 
website: http://www.floraholland.nl

Association of Dutch Flower Auctions (VBN)
Vereniging van Bloemenveilingen in Nederland
website: http://www.vbn.nl

Flower Council of Holland
Bloemenbureau Holland
email: info@flowercouncil.org
website: http://www.flowercouncil.org

International Flower Bulb Centre (IBC)
email: ibc@bulbsonline.org 
website: http://www.bulbsonline.org

Association of Contractors and Fitters in Glasshouse Horticulture 
Algemene Vereniging van Aannemers en Installateurs in de Glastuinbouw (AVAG)
email: info@avag.nl
website: http://www.avag.nl

Dutch Association Wholesale Board / Flowers and Plants
HBAG Bloemen en Planten
email: info@hbagbloemen.nl
website: http://www.hbagbloemen.nl

Greenery International
email: info@thegreenery.com
website: http://www.thegreenery.com

Inspection Service for Horticulture(NAK tuinbouw)
Nederlandse Algemene Kwaliteitsdienst Tuinbouw 
email: info@naktuinbouw.nl
website: http://www.naktuinbouw.nl

Milieu Programma Sierteelt (MPS) 
email: info@my-mps.com 
website: http://www.my-mps.com

Plantum NL 
email: info@plantum.nl 
website: http://www.plantum.nl


Zuivel NL
email: info@zuivelnl.org
website: http://www.zuivelnl.org/

Dutch Dairy Association (NZO)
NZO, Nederlandse Zuivel Organisatie
website: http://www.nzo.nl

Netherlands Controlling Authority for Milk and Milk Products (COKZ)
Centraal Orgaan voor Kwaliteitsaangelegenheden in de Zuivel 
email: info@cokz.nl
website: http://www.cokz.nl

Dutch Association of Manufacturers of Child and Diet Foods (VNFKD)
Vereniging van Nederlandse Fabrikanten van Kinder- en Dieetvoedingsmiddelen
email: vnfkd@vnfkd.nl
website: http://www.vnfkd.nl

livestock, poultry & feed

Association of Dutch Poultry Processing Industries (NEPLUVI)
email: info@nepluvi.nl 
website: http://www.nepluvi.nl

Product Board for Livestock, Meat and Eggs
Productschappen Vee, Vlees en Eieren (PVE)
email: pve@pve.nl
website: http://www.pve.nl

Veterinary Information Point (VIP)
email: vip@pve.agro.nl 
website: http://www.pve.nl

Dutch Association for Poultry Farmers(NOP)
Nederlandse Organisatie van Pluimveehouders
email: secretariat@nop.nl
website: http://www.nop.nl

Dutch Meat Promotion Board
Voorlichtingsbureau Vlees
email: info@vleesinfo.nl
website: http://www.vleesinfo.nl

Product Board for Animal Feed (PDV)
Productschap Diervoeder
website: http://www.pdv.nl

VEEPRO HOLLAND Information Centre for Dutch Cattle
email: info@veepro.nl
website: http://www.veepro.nl


Dutch Fish Marketing Board
email: info@dutchfish.nl
website: http://www.dutchfish.nl

Dutch Fish Product Board
Productschap Vis
email: info@pvis.nl
website: http://www.pvis.nl

Dutch Fishing Association
Nederlandse Vissersbond
email: secretariat@vissersbond.nl
website: http://www.vissersbond.nl

nature & animal protection

National Forest Service
email: info@staatsbosbeheer.nl 
website: http://www.staatsbosbeheer.nl

Animal Health Service Deventer (GD)
Gezonde Dieren
email: info@gddeventer.com 
website: http://www.animalhealthservice.nl

Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals 
Dierenbescherming / Nederlandse Vereniging tot Bescherming van Dieren
website: http://www.dierenbescherming.nl

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)
Wereld Natuur Fonds
website: http://www.wnf.nl

machinery & equipment

Association of Dutch manufacturer of agricultural machines and equipment (NATI)
email: info@metaalunie.nl
website: http://www.metaalunie.nl

Association for the Metal and Electrotechnical Industry (FME-CWM)
Vereniging voor de metaal- en de elektrotechnische industrie
email: info@fme.nl
website: http://www.fme.nl

The staff of our agriculture and food department is ready to help you with all your questions.

Please contact us at +886-2-8758 7200 ext. 228
or mail us at nltaiagr@ntio.org.tw